Question about firstrowsports and popups
11:48a, 09/15/12
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Can I use a browser that will block all of the popups from I don't have FSSW, but I want to stream the game and put it on my t.v. The problem is, firstrowsports pops up some very NOT CLEAN ads, and I don't want my kids seeing that stuff on the tv.
Verne Lundquist
11:49a, 09/15/12
Verne Lundquist
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i use mozilla and ad block and i dont get popups
11:51a, 09/15/12
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I second Verne Lundquist (never thought I would write that). Mozilla + AdBlock. I think Chrome has something similar. You will have to deal with a grainy picture, small freezes, and it randomly minimizing though.

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