Memorial Day: In rememberance of...
Fly Army 97
6:11p, 05/28/10
Fly Army 97
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Feel free to post your own roll call for the lost...may the memories we have of them live forever.

CW4 Erik A. Halvorsen – 2 APR 03
CPT Ernie Blanco – 28 DEC 03
CPT Sean Sims – 13 NOV 03
CPT Justin Ward – 2 JAN 05
MAJ Matt Worrell - 14 MAY 06
CPT Matt Mattingly – 13 SEP 06
CPT Sean Lyerly – 28 JAN 07
30 MAY 07 - Crew of Flipper 75
CW3 Christopher M. Allgaier
CW2 Joshua R. Rodgers
SSG Charlie L. Bagwell
SGT Jesse A. Blamires
SGT Brandon E. Hadaway

Aggies lost since 9/11 -

Helicopter videos from OIF:

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Jock 07
6:28p, 05/28/10
Jock 07
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2LT Zac Cook - 12 JAN 2009
9:01p, 05/28/10
16832 posts, joined 12/27/2002
1LT Jonathan D. Rozier '01 - July 19, 2003
10:24p, 05/28/10
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SFC Paul R Smith 4Apr03 Baghdad Intl Airport MOH
SSG Lincoln Hollinsaid 7Apr03 vic Karbala, Iraq
PFC Jason M. Meyer 7Apr03 vic Karbala, Iraq (killed by friendly fire)
SPC Issaac Nieves 8Apr04 Bani Saad, Iraq
SGT Dominic Coles 26Dec05 Baghdad, Iraq
SGT Reyes Ramirez 17Jun06 Ramadi, Iraq
SPC Robert Jones 17Jun06 Ramadi, Iraq
CPL Ryan Clark 27Jun06 Brooke Army Medical Center (he lived for 10 days after being burned over 90% of his body by the same IED that killed SGT Ramirez and SPC Jones on 17Jun06)
SGT Allen Bevington 21Sep06 Ramadi, Iraq
SGT John Mele 14Sep07 Arab Jaboor, Iraq
SGT James McHale 30Jul08 Tagi, Iraq
SPC Carlo Alfonso 26Aug08 Sadr City, Iraq
PFC Jamel Bryant 27Sep08 Wahida, Iraq
SPC Brien Connelly 20Feb09 Adhamiyah, Iraq
SSG Bradley Espinoza 19Oct09 Qwest, Iraq
SPC Dustin R. Miller 27Feb10 German autobahn between Kaiserslautern and Baumholder

JC '88
If you value the Freedom and Liberties you have in your life, be sure to Thank a Veteran everyday!
Aggie 509th
7:54a, 05/29/10
Aggie 509th
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SFC Larry Barnard-Panama invasion 1989-My Ranger School Ranger buddy.
2LT Zac Cook-Best Cav Jock/Spider ever.
RIP my good friends.
8:23a, 05/29/10
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CPT Lyle Gordon ' 97
8:39a, 05/29/10
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CPT Lyle Gordon '97

Lyle dated one of my friends while we were at school and was great guy and a great Marine. He is certainly missed.
Msgt USAF Ret
12:33p, 05/30/10
Msgt USAF Ret
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Capt Conable - Viet Nam 1966
SSgt Lejong - Viet Nam 1965
Great Uncle, Pvt Thomas Carter - France 1918

And my others 58000 heros

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BigJim49 AustinNowDallas
11:42a, 05/31/10
BigJim49 AustinNowDallas
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Country Higgins '49 - Korea

Elmo Ellis Austin - Iwo Jima

49 Ags killed or died in Korea
Tango Mike
8:20p, 06/01/10
Tango Mike
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1LT Tim Cunningham '04
1LT Jeremy Ray '04
10:25p, 06/01/10
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